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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Nov 28, 2019

For the past 30 years, Ian Tyson has been entertaining and inspiring audiences across North America. As a professional speaker, Ian helps others realize their potential and seek happiness in life.

Ian is known for his humourous and heart-warming storytelling, along with his natural ability to deliver meaningful life lessons along the way, and he did lots of both in this warm and entertaining discussion.

Among other things we discuss:

~ The importance of pausing to truly savor food, family, moments & memories.

~ Treasuring the things we make for each other and for ourselves.

~ What Ian considers "Gratefuel."

~ The importance of making things for ourselves.

~ The story of how Ian got involved in professional speaking.

~ How things are different, if at all, with students now as opposed to a couple of decades ago. 

~ Why mashed potatoes are so meaningful for Ian.

~ What he does to try to maintain mindfulness, nourishment and self-care while he is away from home.

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