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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Apr 26, 2017

Steve Zanella helps people learn to overcome anxiety, stress & fear with meditation, mindfulness and love. As he says, “he’s just sharing his story.”

Right from childhood, Steve struggled with anxiety. As he grew older, it only got worse, and showed itself in new and more challenging forms like panic attacks and...

Apr 18, 2017

Michael Doyle is a speaker, musician, business coach and author who believes that everyone has the power to follow their dreams and live their purpose. At the time of this discussion, he is just about to release his first book called “At The Helm: Take Control and Live Fully."

Apr 12, 2017

Doug Vincent is, among many other things, a Charter Member and Past President of the Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club in Canada. He has traveled the world on Rotary humanitarian aid activities and is a Rotary Representative to the United Nations

As a third generation graduate of his family's successful farm equipment...

Apr 4, 2017

Eustan Matthews is a Business Coach, Consultant & Speaker who helps busy entrepreneurs and business owners avoid or escape what he calls “The Freedom Quandary.”

Like anyone else, Eustan’s story is not without its challenges. Being moved from his home country of Trinidad at an early age left him with feelings and...