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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Apr 12, 2017

Doug Vincent is, among many other things, a Charter Member and Past President of the Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club in Canada. He has traveled the world on Rotary humanitarian aid activities and is a Rotary Representative to the United Nations As a third generation graduate of his family's successful farm equipment business, he is now an International Advisor to family business corporations, with a focus on harmony and communications in family business. Doug is an honorary "Colonel" in the Philippine National Police, recognizing his role promoting global understanding, brotherhood & world peace. He has been recognized with several Leadership and Appreciation Awards for his work, including a President's Citation and the prestigious Service Above Self award, among many others. Most recently he was recognized as a distinguished Canadian with a special Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. Doug is often called Rotary's "Roving Ambassador." He is a kind, caring and compassionate man and the stories he tells in this episode are absolutely priceless. Among the many key things that stood out from my time with Doug include: 1. Saying Yes To Life – Doug gives a powerful account of what led to his decision to say “yes” to more global engagements, and what caused him to make a commitment to himself of something he would do within 30 days of getting home after being unwell in another part of the world. 2. Learn To Do By Doing – As Doug described his start in his own branch of the family business, “Rather than me going into a big business when I didn’t have big business skills, this allowed me to start from grassroots small business. And then my business skills grew at the same time as the business grew.” He shares many valuable insights along these lines, a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking for a succession plan for their existing business 3. Understanding the Difference One Person Can Make – Doug recounts a moving story near the end of our discussion that truly gave me pause for consideration. He observed that, “I get really, really, really frustrated when people don’t see the difference they could make in a very simple way.” Each and every one of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference. And for each one of us who does, the bigger the collective difference we all make. ©2017 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises