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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Jun 13, 2018

What are you competing for?

Jake Thompson is Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day® a global lifestyle brand committed to reminding you that your life is worth fighting for. They strive to reignite the competitive fire already within you that's necessary to achieve life’s victories.

From a passion project to a worldwide motivational brand, Jake started Compete Every Day to connect competitors, provide quality apparel, and motivate fans to live a powerful life.

Like most entrepreneurial adventures, this one has had its share of ups and downs. Among the many valuable insights Jake shares are his reflections on how hard it has been, and how much he’s had to grow both personally and professionally in order to keep Compete Every Day on a positive path.

Another very important distinguishing factor that I hope people will notice is how much Jake’s brand is tied into story. In fact, the whole thing is a story, tying into his podcast, speaking and the Compete Every Day community.

Storytelling is a powerful, magnetic and very natural human mechanism for creating emotional buy-in and bringing people together. In my opinion, anyone looking to more effectively market their business would be well-served by carefully considering what Jake has to share on this subject.

A few of the key things that stood out from my time with Jake included:


  1. “Building a giant sand castle” with his life - It always interests me to discover what motivates people to step out and build something all their own, as Jake has done with Compete Every Day. Even more interesting to me was Jake’s reflection on how he felt he was “building a giant sand castle” with his life and decided he want to use his time to do something that made more of an impact.


  1. Ignorant enough to be dangerous & willingness to step into conflict - It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t let what you don’t know get in your way.


  1. Power of story and storytelling - Back to the “sand castle” idea, Jake came to realize his life was missing a great story element and he became determined to do something about it.