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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Apr 27, 2020

What is it that keeps some people going when adversity strikes?

Shiva Duddi has an inspiring story to share that includes acclimating to another country, overcoming a cancer diagnosis and completely re-engineering his life when he felt physically, mentally and spiritually out of balance.

Shiva, a senior technology leader with years of experience helping some of the leading financial institutions in Canada, is also an entertaining and engaging speaker. And one of the stories he shares is of the first time he did a CN Tower climb (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) to benefit the United Way, and how that experience led to a near-total life transformation in the years that followed.

Among other things, we discussed:

~ What brought him from India to Canada and what that transition was like.

~ Why he feels such a strong connection to the CN Tower.

~ What inspired him to do his first CN Tower climb.

~ What (and who) it was that inspired him to get back up and keep going when he felt he couldn’t possibly go on.

~ What he covered up by putting on a hoodie even after successfully completing his first climb.

~ Why he went back the next year even after promising himself that he would “never do it again.”

~ How he used Inner Engineering to transform his life.

~ What he did after receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2019 and how he managed to complete another CN Tower climb despite the challenge.

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