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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Mar 31, 2020

This is really a love story.

Love of what we do, how we do it ... and of each other.

Zen’za Pizzeria in London, Ontario, Canada is one of those all-too-rare, very special kinds of places that warm your spirit the moment you pass through the doors.

It’s more than the food, though that’s part of it.

It’s more than the design of the place, though that’s part of it too.

It’s a lot about the people who created it, the circumstances that led to its creation and, in face, the coming together of those two people in the first place.

We talked about all of that and more with Wayne DeGroot and Jocelyn Morwood-DeGroot in Episode 101 of “Journeys with the No Schedule Man.”

Among other things, we discussed:

  • How the two of them connected and what told them each that the connection was to be trusted and explored.
  • Why they decided to go into business together (and why it was the pizza business).
  • How they’ve helped each other grow, individually and as a team.
  • Some of the challenges they’ve met in the journey of bringing Zen’za Pizzeria to life.
  • What the reality of life is like when you run your own restaurant.
  • How and why Zen’za is such a terrific example of authentic, magnetic marketing.
  • Big visions vs. moment-to-moment details and how they can both compliment and (at times) distract from each other.

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