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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Aug 22, 2017

In the third of four “Special Edition” episodes to launch the podcast’s new name (“Journeys with the No Schedule Man”), Kevin reflects on the evolution of his life’s journey in the time since he began the podcast. For this four weeks, Kevin has hand-picked specific conversations that have made a major impact on his personal and professional development, noting why that’s been the case and how what he’s learned may be of some help to you, too.

With an all new introduction and wrap-up, this episode features a lot of new content and perspective, along with a reflection upon a meeting and first conversation between two people who would become fast friends and creative collaborators. Meeting Gair Maxwell changed Kevin’s life, and put his efforts to pursue a speaking career into overdrive. An award-winning international speaker and author himself, Maxwell saw something in Kevin from their first meeting. What happened next is the subject of Kevin’s opening to this episode, as he examines his own personal and professional reinvention in an effort to encourage you to consider yours.


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