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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Feb 15, 2020

Carolyn Holdsworth is the printmaker, storyteller and creative mind behind Me & C clothing. Her story is one of creativity, resourcefulness and discovery.

Amidst a search for something creative to contribute to her life, she learned to screen print in a one-day workshop and felt so energized and refreshed that within a year she’d started the business now known as Me & C. The journey along the way has been filled with all kinds of trial & error and self discovery, and she shares about the adventure in this conversation.

Among other things, we discussed:

~ What led her to the workshop that introduced her to screen-printing.

~ How she went about creating the business, step-by-step.

~ What were some of the challenges she had to overcome.

~ What the first experience was like, making her clothing available for sale.

~ Why “everything stopped” for 8 months even after she had been so fuelled full of inspiration.

~ Where the name “Me & C” came from.

~ How the business has evolved, how she feels about it now and what the future of Me & C might look like.

To connect with Carolyn and learn more about Me & C, visit

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