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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Nov 6, 2019

Just as he does in his keynote presentations all over the world, Bob Kittell covers a lot of very worthwhile ground in this fun and informative conversation with Kevin.

Bob is a seasoned stage veteran, one of the masters of the craft of public speaking. His presentations on memory, mindfulness and the power of human connection have inspired audiences around the world.

For the past three decades, Bob’s award-winning, story-driven keynotes have kicked off arena-sized events such as “Get Motivated” and “The Power of Success” with Anthony Robbins in Canada, USA and Europe. He’s toured with the likes of Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz and four United States Presidents in over 300 cities, nationally and internationally.

As you might imagine, having the opportunity to speak at length with Bob was a lot of fun for Kevin, and it shows in this very lively episode.


Among other things, Kevin & Bob discussed:

~ How and why the last 365 days have been the best year of Bob’s life. 

~ What he learned, has applied, and now teaches that helped him to stop feeling like a "mosquito on cocaine." 

~ The difference, for him, between feeling authentic and having been somewhat inauthentic, what each of those look like, and what flipped the switch for him.

~ What got him involved in speaking at schools, why he is so passionate about it and how the students are responding.

~ One of the memory techniques he shares in his talks, and why it works so well

~ How he continues to find rewarding relationships and enriching opportunities by taking immediate action when doors open.

~ How he "accidentally" became an expert in smartphone and tech addiction, why he's so passionate about it and how it has affected him personally.

~ What “the pause” is and why it’s so beneficial to our overall well-being.

~ What so many of us do poorly, and lose any real sense of connection with others because of it.

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