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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Nov 2, 2019

Adam Malamis had a burning question inside of him he needed to answer.
He wanted to know if he could be the kind of person one might find "running into the action when other people were running away" ... or not?
I believe he has his answer.
In the summer of 2019, Adam found himself - by choice - behind the lens of a camera, in full riot gear, in the middle of the conflict and protests in Hong Kong.
In this conversation, Adam outlines why it was so important for him to go, what he's taken from the experience and how is travels have shaped his perspective. of life at home.
Among other things, we discussed:
~ "Appreciating stillness" and his love of photography.
~ What it was like, back-packing across Europe by himself in his early 20's, and how he navigated his way through places where he didn't know he language.
~ How people ask you if you wish to eat in Mongolia.
~ How he prepared and purchased riot gear for his trip to Hong Kong.
~ What the Hong Kong experience was really like.
~ His plans for an exhibit called "Revolution Of Our Times"
~ His involvement in "The Fight To End Homelessness" here in London, Ontario, Canada and what being involved in the project has shown him about people.