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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Oct 8, 2019

Imagine ... ocean.

Everywhere you look: ocean.

You're at sea.

By yourself.

And you're going to stay that way until you've gone all the way around the world.


What would that be like?

How would it feel?

Here's our chance to find out, chatting with Gaurav Shinde, who is already in preparation to take leave from his home and work here in London, Ontario, Canada, to sail solo around the world in a race in 2022.

Among other things we discussed…

~ What introduced him into sailing in the first place.

~ How exclusive a group it is, the people who have done what he is looking to do. 

~ The lively tale of his initial 800-mile adventure across the Arabian Sea at just 24 years of age, and how that hooked him on sailing. 

~ What appeals to him about the thought of 9 months at sea, all by himself.

~ The remarkable story of the very special boat that will take him around the world in 2022, and his journey to finding it. 

~ The route that he will be taking for the race in 2022 and how he will provision for the journey. 

~ An overview of the work that needs to be done between now and September of 2022, when he leaves France to begin the race. 

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