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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Sep 19, 2019

What, exactly, is an "Awesomepreneur?"

How does the idea uniquely contribute to people in business growing and thriving at work and at home?

Where did the idea come from ?

Where it is going?

We discussed that and much more with Kyle Blythe, founder & CEO of Awesomepreneurs Inc. in Ep. 88 of "Journeys with the No Schedule Man."

Among other things, we chatted about:

- What Awesomepreneurs is and how it was born

- His pivotal choice to "sink or swim."

- The challenges that immediately stood in his way and what he's done to meet and overcome them.

- How he feels "it's not about me" and some examples of the kinds of people that have become involved and why they have.

- The power of having a lot of regrets.

- The tricky balance between service and self-care.

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