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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Sep 12, 2019

Ever had a "lightning bolt" moment and followed the inspiration?

Feel like you have multiple interests rather than doing "just one thing?"

Believe in connecting and building community over comparing and competing?

If so, you'll relate to what Jenna Goodhand, founder of The Hive London, shares in this lively conversation.

Jenna is a dynamic, compassionate, creative person with multiple personal and professional interests, hence the title of the episode: "Doing All Of The Things."

Among the things we discussed:

- The "Lighting bolt" moment that precipitated The Hive coming to life.

- Thinking about "relationships" and "sharing" vs always "selling."

- How it's, "not about the things I'm doing, but about how I FEEL about the things I'm doing." And how sometimes, those feelings change.

- How learning to let go and say goodbye is a natural part of growth

- How "community" is inclusive and not competitive.

- Responding to challenges, change and adversity.

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