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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Mar 6, 2018

Do you have the courage it takes to tell your own story, in your own way?

Today we’re joined by Katie Kozlowski, a spiritual teacher, self realization coach and healer (although she more recently has been referring to herself as a “Wizard,” which I think is a good term!).

Katie can now add “author” to that list, and she has contributed a chapter to a book called, “Simply...Woman: Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who have Risen Against The Odds,” due to be released on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018.

In this episode, Katie takes us into the process of finding the courage to tell her own story in her own way. Among the many highlights I enjoyed from this discussion included Katie’s thoughts on:

~ Trying to figure out what might sell as opposed to what you really want to create.

~ The power of imagination and storytelling (how we used to teach).

~ Why it takes courage to tell your story.

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