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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Jan 30, 2018

How long are you willing to work for “overnight success?” And, once you think you’ve found it, how can you be sure?

This week, we’re joined by Greg Schinkel, President of Unique Training and Development and a Certified Speaking Professional. Greg’s story is a clear example of the value and reality of process, in business and in life, and what it really takes to become a great leader and to have any chance at becoming what we might refer to as an  “overnight success.”

Among the key things I took away from my time with Greg include:

  • How the art of business development has changed.
  • The downside to a “grow-at-all-costs” strategy.
  • The importance of a feedback loop
  • The upside of adversity.
  • What to look for in leadership and the truth about people who are abrasive or aggressive.
  • Change as a process rather than an event.