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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Jan 23, 2018

The question this week is: what are you afraid of? We are going to dive deeply into that today and give you some tools to overcome it.

Today, we kick off the 3rd season of this podcast with Sue Curr, who helps people to “Fear Less, Live More” as a speaker, coach and workshop facilitator.

This Sue’s second time joining me on this program. I encourage you to go back and listen Episode 23, where Sue goes into great detail about the first 50 years of her life,  her descension into mental ill health and near fatal bout with alcoholism. Having survived the trauma of her past, Sue set about rebuilding her life. What you’re going to hear today is the result, and it’s profound.

Among the  key takeaways that stood out from my time with Sue include:

  1. Fear gives us an excuse.
  2. Fear plays an enormous trick on us - it’s the stories we tell ourselves that lead us into trouble (and many times, we’re not actually afraid of what we think we are - Sue gives an example).
  3. Want to live large? Get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.
  4. Saying “yes” to opportunity and to possibility.
  5. Looking at life through the eyes of a child.
  6. The truly wealthy are the people who know the value of love and gratitude.
  7. Fear is born when we attach emotional pain to a significant memory.
  8. Ask: is that true? When a fear or limiting belief pops up, ask if it’s true.

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