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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Dec 5, 2017

The question this week is.. how do I create a life that I love? And how do I build a plan to achieve it, while taking total responsibility for each and every step, past, present and future?

This week, we’re joined by Dan Martell, an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Clarity, a venture-backed startup he built to make it easy to connect with top business minds over the phone. It was recently acquired by Fundable.

Dan previously co-founded Flowtown, a San Francisco based social marketing product which raised funding, grew to over 50,000 customers and, in 2011, was acquired by Demandforce (INTU:NASDAQ). In 2012, Dan was named Canada’s top angel investor having completed over 33 investments with amazing companies like Udemy, Intercom and Unbounce.

Dan is passionate about sharing everything he knows to help other people, especially in the art and creativity of business and entrepreneurship. He is just as passionate - if not more so - about helping at-risk teens, and you’re going to hear why, as Dan shares very openly about his experiences, both good and challenging. To put it plainly, Dan had a very bumpy ride as a younger person.

Among the many key things that stood out to me from this conversation were:

  • Lighthouse vs the Tugboat - Showing possibility vs enabling.

  • Tough love: Accountability & responsibility.

  • The only person you’re ever competing against is yourself from yesterday.

  • The power of ignorance in getting started - Don’t let what you don’t know slow you down.

  • At-risk teens - they have the fire that, if it could be channeled, could lead to great things. They have the “don’t give a fuck” nature that many of the rest of us try to learn.

  • Responsibility of believing in yourself & aligning your actions with your belief (it’s “empowering, exciting and scary”).

  • What’s the motivation behind the goal? 

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