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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Oct 17, 2017

The question this week is … what is it exactly that you think is going to make you happy?

Over and over again, I’m hearing stories of people who find - often after some time and a lot of struggle - that the answer to that question is not often found by acquiring or attracting anything outside of yourself … .but rather allowed by fully embracing who you already are. Such is the case with this week’s guest, Lori Peters.

In this episode, we talk about happiness and relationships on many different levels. I know countless people who have felt - or currently feel - hopeless, for one reason or another. I’ve been there too. So whether we’re arrived at that place or not, how do we move forward to find and embrace happiness; true and lasting joy and contentment?

Lori Peters has a great story to tell that I think you’re  really going to enjoy.

Lori is the  author of “Getting Married At Last: My Journey From Hopelessness To Happiness”. She has been published and featured in several media outlets including Huffington Post, Your Tango, Brides, Fox News Magazine and more.

She is also the host of the “Happiness Hangout®” Radio Show, which has gained thousands of listeners as she and her guests dive into deep and interesting topics around personal relationship happiness and well-being.

Lori has enjoyed 25-year career in higher education, currently, teaching as a College Instructor in social sciences. She has been doing personal development presentations for over 25 years.

Lori is passionate about work-life balance, relationships, and helping people to feel their best during times of challenge, and she has a wonderful story and perspective to share.

Just some of the key things I took from this conversation with Lori include:

  1. Unleashing creativity - I chuckled when she said she was worried she would have to learn to draw. I'm big on people finding themselves through expressing their unique voice, which is creativity. That doesn’t mean you have to draw, or dance, or sing. It means to just be yourself.

  2. Balance - Her favorite word, and an easy thing to talk about but a tough thing to find and maintain.

  3. The value and completeness of self-love - Lori said, “I couldn't have the ultimate relationship until they accepted the entirety of who I am.” I hope people read/hear and truly contemplate and understand that. The best way to love others - and be loved by others - is to love yourself.

So often we look for something or someone outside of ourselves to come along and make everything right. The perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect house. Here is yet another story that provides evidence that once you can be completely at peace with who you already are, all the other things in your life start to line up.

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