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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Oct 10, 2017

What’s really stopping you?

What is it really that is holding you back from doing the things you want to do in living the life you want to live?

Today, you are going to hear from somebody unstoppable. That's WHO she is. That's HOW she is. And it is how you are going to feel after you listen to her.

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt is an award winning Leader, Humanitarian, Advocate, Decorated Athlete and International Speaker. She is now adding “author” to her long list of amazing accomplishments. Her upcoming book  is called ‘Unstoppable YOU; Exceed Uncertainty, Embrace Possibilities, Earn Independence’.

Tracy has been featured in Oprah Magazine during her latest adventure as Quest for the Gold Athlete who competed in World Cup Olympic Class Sailing! Tracy has been was Thrive’s magazine cover girl. She has climbed mountains in Nepal, captained 110-foot-tall ship in the Eastern Atlantic, won a bronze medal in para-alpine skiing trial and has worked as a Corporate Consultant while at Air Canada (AC) and Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM), two of Canada’s largest and most recognized brands.

Oh, did I mention she was born a 4-way amputee?

That's right. Tracy does not have any fully-formed arms or legs. Try to keep that in mind as you hear her speak and then maybe ask yourself… what is it, really, that is holding you back?

Some of the key things I took from my time with Tracy include:

  1. Just pack up and go to Miami - Sometimes, you just have to jump. Just go. Follow your heart. In Tracy’s case, it was going to Miami against all “reason.”

  2. I don't hear no, I hear counteroffers - You know that old phrase, “Never take ‘no’ for an answer?” That’s Tracy. She doesn’t hear ‘no.’ She hears opportunities for another way.

  3. Scared into being a paralympian - Tracy tells a riveting story of her flight during Hurricane Sandy, and how it scared her into doing what she knew would feed her true passion.

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