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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Jul 25, 2017

How cool can kind be? And can compassion, community and caring be capitalized upon, not in a manipulative way but as a means of generating good with good?

It seems like this should be a simple question to answer, but the more I really dive into it, the more fascinatingly complex it becomes to me.

Can a for-profit business be built and thrive on kindness and compassion? Cindy Brett, a dynamic woman who has spearheaded a movement called "Kindnessology," is interested to find out.

Cindy is a life success consultant who has studied about the mind and the creative process throughout her career. She has learned there are exact laws in place which, if implemented, create unrivaled serenity and harmony throughout our lives. Cindy feels that it is her purpose to more deeply understand how it is that we create our own lives and how we can inspire others to do the same.

Cindy has studied with many great authors and teachers over the last dozen years, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Carolyn Myss, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Michael Losier, and Gary Zukav. She has been personally mentored and coached by Bob Proctor, Losier, and Paul Hutsey. Our common interest and attraction to Proctor became an interesting point for discussion.

Among the many incredible things that stood out from my conversation with Cindy were:

1. The privilege of awareness - I had yet to hear anyone describe awareness in quite this way, using the word "privilege." It felt completely appropriate as soon as Cindy mentioned it.

2. Pain as an agent of change - I asked Cindy what precipitated her transformation and she quickly answered with one word: Pain.

3. Stay with it - Cindy noted that what we focus on expands and I was probably turning a little bit red when she talked about how common it is for people who like to learn and grow to flit about from book to book to book and course to course to course, gobbling up information and forever searching for what they perceive to be the missing piece of their puzzle.

We did eventually steer back around to Kindnessology but I think you'll find this entire conversation completely enriching if you are in any way interested in mindset and manifestation.

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