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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Jun 13, 2017

Known as the “Why Guy” and Canada’s Creative Coach, Gerry Visca exists to inspire people and their ideas to action.  His current mission is to inspire One Million Whys, all around the world.

As one of Canada's top Inspirational Speakers, a 16-time author and publisher of Defyeneurs, Gerry's on a mission to inspire a new ROI in the World – one where we all Reach Out & Inspire others. 

At the time of our conversation, Gerry has two new books just about to be released. One of them is called “Influence,” and it celebrates 11 autobiographies of Women Inspiring Change.  The intention of the book is to inspire 11,000 people in the world to become someone of influence.

The other, very near and dear to Gerry’s heart, is a novel called "Remembering Why.” As the first novel in his 16-book repertoire, the intention of “Remembering Why” is to take the reader on a wondrous journey of remembering why they exist.  The characters are full of life and each one is on their own journey of discovering what matters most. We all knew “why” as a child but somewhere along the way, we forgot who we truly are. 500 first-edition copies of “Remembering Why” will be released in July 2017.

Some of the key points I took from my time with Gerry include:

  1. Finding Your “Why” Is Not Linear - His discussion points about discovering your “why” not being a linear process really made me think about my own journey to “why,” my eventual reconnection to my inner child and where and when the different sparks of inspiration arrived.
  1. Quantum Creation – I can only imagine how often Gerry gets asked something like, “How do you do all of this?” I get asked it a lot, so I can only imagine what it’s like for Gerry. He gives us some great insight into it how he creates and does all that he does.
  1. Passion + Purpose = Outcome – If you spend any time at all around Gerry or absorbing his work, you’ll come across that formula of his. It may sound fundamental, but do you even know what you are passionate about? You may not. At a deeper level, you do. But on the surface? That may take some work. As Gerry said, “Most people are unaware that they are even unaware.”

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