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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

May 10, 2017

Laurie Hawkins is a certified business coach, success strategist, speaker, facilitator and founder of Hawk Inspired. She inspires business leaders and teams toward peak performance and achievement, and has walked an interesting path – both personally and professionally – to get to where she is today and I think you’re going to find the story really interesting.

Laurie knows her stuff. She's had some terrific mentors from a very young age, and has been able to repeatedly tune into her inner wisdom to navigate along the journey, which have included some big up and downs both at work and at home.

Some of the key takeaways I took from my time with Laurie included:

1. Guiding vs Telling – Laurie gives some great accounts of her father guiding and mentoring her versus just "telling" her what to do or not do. It's a huge difference! Have a listen for that.


2. Service & Authenticity – The more of these podcasts I do, the more I am convinced that these are two essential elements for success in life in any form: contribution and being true to yourself. What a potent combination, and it's right there waiting for every single one of us to embrace and employ.

3. Human Connection – From sales techniques to the priorities of people in other parts of the world to the coming and going of technological trends, we discussed it all and agreed on one thing that applies for it all: human connection. And for a great way to initiate those connection, see the other two key takeaways, listed above.