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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Feb 24, 2021

One might refer to Joe Atang as the "Hi!" Guy. Using a relentlessly positive approach to share his compassionate spirit, Joe has become what some might call a major "influencer" on TikTok. He spreads positivity, shares what he's learning as he goes and has become a valued presence in the lives of a great many people. 

Joe is the guy who writes the word "Hi" on his hand, a simple gesture that has turned into a benchmark of his personal brand (yes, I did ask him if he's thought about simply tattooing the phrase to his palm permanently). In this conversation, Joe shares how the whole "Hi!" thing started and why he feels the response to it has been so strong. 

Among the other things we talked about were what got him started on TikTok in the first place and why Gary Vaynerchuk's example has meant so much to him.

Joe shared the personal story behind the Bill Withers song, "Lovely Day" and how it became such a staple of what he shares online. He also talked about how he developed the idea of calling people while broadcasting live and what that was like when he first started to do it.

Some other things covered in this conversation include:

  • His willingness to move through discomfort in order to learn and achieve something new (and why that's so important).
  • Going from being teased and picked on as a kid to working so hard to encourage and inspire others.
  • What prompted him to start taking cold showers.
  • How he continues to come up with new content ideas to share on video.
  • How often he feels he has to step back, rest and reset. 

If you're the kind of person would who like more uplifting voices in your life more often, follow Joe Atang. You'll be glad you did.