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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Feb 21, 2017

Jason MacKenzie, an author, speaker & coach who teaches people how to find the courage to create new and deeper relationships with people, including their kids. And if they want to use those relationships to power personal and professional growth, he shows them how to do that too. Jason is a survivor of his first wife’s battle with bipolar disorder and subsequent suicide. He’s also overcome a decade-long battle with alcohol and eventually stopped running from grief and fear, which allowed him to become the husband and father he is today. After creating a website called "The Book of Open" to share his own gratitude journals, his efforts soon evolved into one of encouraging and empowering others to share their stories through his site. As Jason went on curating and connecting the experiences of others, the project caught the attention of Hogan Hilling, who approached him about writing a book. That turned into “The Dadly Book of Open: How Cultivating Vulnerability Makes You a Stronger, Wiser & More Courageous Father.” Some of the key things to listen for include: 1. Growing Together – We discuss this at a few different points in the conversation, related not just to parents with their kids, but with their parents as well. As the generations turn and learn, we are all growing together. 2. You will know when it is time for you to know - His description of the peace and the clarity of the moment when he knew he was done drinking is a great example of how, with any large, looming issue in your life that you’re not sure how to handle, you will know when it’s time. You’ll just know. And when that time arrives, you’ll know it. 3. The power of vulnerability - Authentically sharing our true selves with others almost never pushes others away. It has the reverse effect: it almost always brings us closer together. When someone else shares and listens with authenticity, non-judgement and kindness, there is no greater way to deepen or create a connection with another human being. Jason has discovered this and you’ll clearly hear that in this discussion. 4. Perseverance - He does a terrific job of describing the process of actually creating the book and what it took. Listen to that carefully because it's an important lesson for just about anything that you do in life ©2017 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises