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Journeys with the No Schedule Man

Dec 29, 2016

Kevin reflects on the process that led to beginning the podcast and how it’s evolved in the first year. He talks about some of the people he’s met, what he’s learned, what some of the “aha” moments were that have shaped the evolution of both the podcast and Kevin’s personal and professional journey, and he shares what it all could mean to help you in getting started with something you’ve been thinking of doing for yourself. Some Key Takeaways: · Get to know yourself so you can hear, recognize & trust the whispers from the universe (intuition) that resonate with your heart, and put them into action. · Get (and keep) moving forward but allow yourself to be blown sideways from time-to-time. You may get pushed (or pulled) somewhere better than you originally thought you were going. · Trust that the way will show itself to you. It will. It can be scary, throwing the road out in front of you as you run, but it’s what you’re already doing anyway for something that is likely far less fulfilling. · Choose to have persistence in not listening to the negative voices that are trying to hold you back. They’re never going to go away. But you can choose not to let them control you. · If you don’t get started with something today, you’ll never know how it might affect tomorrow. No action = nothing changing. · Every second, every moment is a new beginning ©2016 Kevin Bulmer